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Red Quantum pads spread the perfect coat of sealant or wax over sensitive painted finishes
Use Red Quantum Pads with JetSeal, M-Seal, or Butter Wet Wax
Red Quantum Pads are finishing pads; they have no cut and do not remove any paint
Only spread glaze/sealant/wax with a Dual-Action Polisher
Most efficient and advanced polishing pads on the market
Quantum Physics design maximizes surface contact, reduces and disperses heat, and reduces wear and tear on machine and pad
Race Face tapered profile increases pad surface area and stability while reducing wear and tear from heavy-handed polishing techniques
Precision Port vent hole releases heat and reduces stress from the center of the pad
Breathable backing attachment conducts airflow and heat more efficiently than older pads
Hex-Logic surface grooves spread product evenly and conform pad to contoured surfaces
Improved adhesives and manufacturing techniques ensures a strong bond that will not detach backing attachment from foam pad
Note: one pad included


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